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How It Works

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The treatment is short, 90seconds to 5minutes, a steady stream of supercooled nitrogen vapour, which very quickly and painlessly reduces the temperature of the skin and underlying tissues, the affected areas are precisely targeted.

Cryotherapy applied to living tissue has 3 main effects:

  • Analgesia - cryotherapy can slow down the electrical impulses from the injury site that tells the body that it is in pain.

  • Hypometabolism - cryotherapy reduces metabolic rate, decreasing the amount of oxygen and glucose that the cells need to survive, this can help prevent the affects of oxygen deprivation.

  • Vasoconstriction - narrowing of the blood vessels, reducing blood flow helping to prevent excess bleeding and oedema.

When a person or animal injures themselves, the natural healing process begins, damaged cells release fluid consisting of enzymes and proteins to provide cushioning the the injured area and to attract lymphocytes (white blood cells that fight infection) during this process prostaglandins (pain hormones) are secreted, extra fluid can build up and cause an oedema, if this occurs it can become difficult for healthy cells to get oxygen, causing hypoxia and these previously undamaged cells to die as well as causing the healing process to take longer. The application of cryotherapy at this stage is vital for a quicker recovery time and to ease the pain the felt.

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