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Cryotherapy for pain and rehabilitation

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Cryotherapy is a safe non-invasive, pain-free answer to reducing pain and recovery time that can compliment medicine and other types of therapy. If you or your animal have been injured, catching it’s change in demeanor or movement early and treating it during this accute early stage (cryotherapy will be most effective within the first 36hrs) will be crucial to helping to control and manage their pain and rehabilitation.

Cryotherapy is also beneficial for older injuries, similar to the acute phase even after healing it is wise to continue with cryotherapy, as you or your animal resume your normal regime.

“If the horse has been off work for a long time during recovery perhaps from a tendon injury and is just starting to exercise again it is beneficial to apply cold therapy when the injured area is put back to work” says Seabaugh. “This can help minimise possible stress and inflammation as you get the new healed tissues working again”.

Types of treatment for pain

  • Short term treatments on the muscles facilitate and stimulate muscle activity, therefore short repeated treatments can increase muscle tone and decrease muscle spasm, these short treatments can be very stimulating for the nerves.
  • Longer treatments will produce an anesthesia affect on the treated area, reducing pain by reducing the nerve conductivity.

It is important to note caution should be taken if using cryotherapy prior to a veterinarian, hydrotherapy or physiotherapist appointment due to the higher pain tolerance, greater flexibility and range of motion, the vet/physiotherapist must always be informed if the Person or animal has undergone cryotherapy treatment .

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