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The benefits of cold therapy in treating acute injuries will be apparent to anyone who has ever placed a bag of ice or frozen peas onto a newly twisted knee or ankle, something similar happens when we use cryotherapy to ease the trauma of an injury in humans and animals.

Cryotherapy is already widely used in veterinary care for skin conditions and surgery however is so far under utilised in treating pain and rehabilitation and enhancing sporting performance.

We all know how hard it is for us to get our canine companions to rest and recover, ice packs and compresses are next to impossible and can cause a lot of stress which is why we have embarked on this venture so that we can bring localised cryotherapy to your dogs with minimal stress.

The clinic is mobile and can come to your event, kennels, training venue or your home, this enables us to provide great value for money, save your time and stress on your dogs.

Cryotherapy can be used to help the dog’s regeneration from strenuous training sessions, competitions or a hard days work in the field in between events to boost performance and reduce the affects of fatigue.

The cryotherapy is applied locally to soft tissue for a short time of up to 5 minutes unlike using ice the cooling is so intense that the body does not have time to compensate for the heat loss,this happens some 15 minutes later, creating increased blood flow to the area, which helps damaged tissues recover faster. Treatments should always be followed by a ten minute walk to boost the healing process.

Cryotherapy is a great way to tackle injuries which are related to tendons and ligaments, examples of when it can be used include after bites, tendon and ligament injuries, splints or heavy training sessions, a good rule of thumb is to. Check the site for strain or heat, if the area is swollen, painful to touch and abnormally warm cryotherapy can be an appropriate treatment option.

Book now, substantial discounts are available for block bookings or multiple treatments at same venue please ask us for details.

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